Top 5 Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Top 5 Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas

As a kid having a  birthday party themed around your favourite interests is a lifelong memory you will cherish forever. For example, my Mum still remembers the McDonald’s party she had in the eighties, and I remember being loaded up on ice-cream & jelly while running around a ball pit like my life depended on it. What I am trying say is birthday parties are key moments of every childhood and as parents we want to give our kids the best we can.

In 2022 it might not be quite as clear cut as it once was with influences from YouTube & Gaming playing a new & huge role in our kids’ lives which weren’t there during your childhood so below, we have listed five themes we are sure will put a smile on your child’s face regardless of gender!

1 – Fortnite Themed Birthday Party

Fortnite Themed Birthday Invites

Hitting the market in 2017 the free-to-play battle royale was an instant success amongst children and we are sure whether its V bucks or iconic dances like the floss you have probably heard of it to!

2 – Minecraft Themed Birthday Party

Minecraft Themed Birthday Invites

Following on the gaming route Minecraft is a simple block styled game that kids cannot get enough of. Growing into one of the biggest games of all time Creepers & co have been capturing the imagination of our kids for years.

3 – Football Themed Birthday Party

Football Themed Birthday Invites

Sport in general make for an action-packed birthday full of fun activities & team building exercises. Whether it is a birthday based around Football, Basketball or Rugby it is the perfect chance to get your child & their friends on the pitch playing or even visit a stadium to watch the best of the best.

4 – Disney Princess Themed Birthday Party

Disney Princess Themed Birthday Invites

Disney Princesses have been a big part of many people’s lives for an exceptionally long time with the first appearance coming from Disney in 1937 in the form of Snow White. Girls & Boys dream of their chance to spend the day as a princess, dressing up in their favourite dresses and acting like royalty, so why not give them just that with a Disney Princess themed birthday party!

5 – Superhero Themed Birthday Party

Superhero Themed Birthday Invites

Whether they are comic book lovers or obsessed with the on screen MCU, superheroes are a source of inspiration for many, a chance to inspire to be better and ultimately a great source of entertainment. A superhero themed birthday party much like the Disney themed party is a great chance for your kids to dress up as their favourite comic book character and fight the greatest of evil!

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